Elekta Executive Boardroom CMS

Two people walking in front of the Elekta Board Room screen.


Full-Stack Developer

Project Type:

Full-Stack Development


3 Months

Skills Used:



This was an update to an app for an existing client. We were tasked with adding a bunch of additional features that would allow the client to customize their Boardroom presentations on a per-platform basis. The client also wanted to add functionality to create custom "context" menu buttons. Finally, we wanted to be able to make the apps work on Surface 3 tablets so their sales people could take the experience with them on trips and to conferences.

Challenges and Solutions:

The custom context menu buttons were a real head scratcher. As a company, we hadn't really done this before so it was up to myself and the Experience Developer I was working with to figure out how to get it done. I designed the database schema and joined these new menu items to existing items that were already in the database. I also wanted to create a cool and intuitive way to manage the menu items, so I created a Vue 2 widget that could be used to drag-and-drop the menu items. This was my first time using Vue and I was very happy with the result!

Results Achieved:

A more customizable and user-controlled application that gave sales people and executives a really cool tool to sweep their clients off of their feet.